Tools Every Concrete Contractor Must Have

If you are working with concrete then you must have a complete set of tools to get the job done. Even if for successful pouring and prevent any disaster these tools are very important. So here are the list of the necessary tools which do not require much investment.


When you are working with raw concrete, this tool becomes must. Mixer allows you to mix concrete at construction site. Concrete mixing makes it highly durable and ensures maximum strength.


Screed in concrete construction is a flat board used to smoothen the concrete after it has been placed over a surface. Screeds are available in different sizes. Screeds are long, straight tubes or boards.

Rubber Gloves

Concrete contains chemicals and admixtures that can harm the skin if kept in contact for longer time. Thus while concreting it is necessary to wear the gloves.

Rubber Boots

Rubber boots are the perfect one to protect your skin from irritation due to concrete. It is important for concrete workers to choose footwear that is not only waterproof and resistant to chemicals, but that is also comfortable to wear.

construction team pouring concrete on a road with boots and protection gear


This equipment is used to carry small amount of concrete or tools to one place to another. They are also useful for taking concrete samples for slump tests or other assessment.


It is the important tool. No concrete job can be done without shovels. It is useful to fill voids and depression after concrete pouring. They are also useful to fill buckets with sand, fill wheelbarrows and also for mixing concrete and cleaning spills.


Bucket is useful for pouring in very dry and humid conditions. While finishing process a small amount of water added makes the concrete more manageable.


Floats are useful to fill the voids with ease in such case where voids may still exist on a freshly poured concrete surface after screeding.

Groove Cutter

To prevent damage from shrinkage and cracking, concrete surface grooving is required. It is used to create control joints on sidewalks, walkways, driveways, and residential slabs, where a concrete saw typically is not used.


It is used sometimes to cut control joints when concrete is hardening. Also used in demolition and removal of old concrete.


It helps to release air pockets and excess water from a poured concrete mix. Vibrators are available in large variety and you can choose something that suits your preferences.

Laser Level

It is the tool for leveling forms and setting their elevation. They’re also useful for establishing or checking the height of embedded pieces, such as bolts and other anchors.

Tape Measures

Tape measures will help you measure slab depths and concrete form and also for mapping and testing placement.

Make sure gather all necessary above described tools to start any concrete work.


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