Company Policies

Company Policies

Statutory Policies

ESG Policies

Policy Name

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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Related Party Transaction Policy

Whistle Blower Policy

Nomination and Remuneration Policy

Material Events Policy

Leak of UPSI Policy

Code of Conduct for Board of Directors and Senior Management

Website Content Archival Policy

Board Diversity Policy

Dividend Distribution Policy

SIL Details of KMP Regulation 30

Terms and Conditions for appointment of Independent Director

Insider Trading Code

Policy on Material Subsidiary

Policy on Preservation of Documents

Governance Policies

Policy Name

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Cyber Security and Data Privacy Policy

Policy on Responsible Advocacy

Supplier Code of Conduct

Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Policy

Claw Back Policy in case of Financial Restatement

HR related Policies

Policy Name

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Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Policy on Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Policy on Freedom of Association

Policy on Prevention of Sexual Harassment

Stakeholder Engagement Policy

Environment Related Policies

Policy Name

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Biodiversity Policy

Climate Change Policy

Energy Management Policy

ESG Policy

Resource Conservation Policy

Water Stewardship Policy