Community Development

The company provides ample employment opportunities to the local residents of the villages under its operational area. Apart from the employment generation, the company is taking a special care to highlight and protect the Cultural Heritage and Ethical Values of the local community by organizing several functions at local and regional level to bring out the talents and encourage them by providing recognition and felicitation. Further, Realizing the role of 'Senior Citizens in the social development, the company has started providing them recognition and developed "DADA DADI PARK" in the year 2005 at the District Head Quarter - Bhuj. About 100 people regularly visits the park which has become a major center for morning and evening activities in Bhuj.

The company provides milk and snacks to the senior citizens every morning along with newspapers. Various programs related to literature, culture and general awareness are organized on regular basis at this park. The company has developed 50 acres of its area in to vegetable gardens. The vegetable grown in these gardens are distributed free of cost among the company staff and workers from surrounding villages. The Company also organizes Fodder camps for cattle owned by the local residents in the times of droughts of water scarcity. Free water and fodder is provided to the cattle of surrounding villages. The company has always taken a lead role in the difficult times of natural calamities in the area. It ran many rehabilitation camps and provided shelter and food to the earthquake affected residents of Kutch region. It continuous to do such social cause related activities on ongoing basis.